Send a card/Change the world

It’s Universal Letter Writing Week. It’s also Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday today. His published letters are a testament to his faith, intelligence, and courage, but also to the power of words and the art of letter writing. For obvious reasons I feel compelled to write to you dear reader. The year has started with tumult in the US. The Chinese zodiac shows that the upcoming new year will be dominated by the energy of the Ox which is earnest, honest, and hard working. That would be a significant improvement to the zeitgeist. 

I first started pressing flowers back in high school when I wanted to impress but didn’t have the words. I created cards that I felt spoke what I could not express fully. I am not the writer that will get her letters published, but I think the cards I design convey feeling, or at the least make one/the intended look twice or more closely; and if one looks twice they may think twice or begin to be open to other possibilities. Alas! To be open to the realm of possibilities may be the key to Happiness? Joy? World Peace? Is this too much to ask of a greeting card? LOL 

It’s worth a try.