I am fond of word puzzles. What intrigues and delights me is how, for example, seven random letters can form a myriad of words. In some games, to get to a certain level of distinction depends on how many words can be formed. I stare at the letters—the solution is before my eyes, but sometimes I am baffled.

I woke this morning thinking that, similarly, most of the solutions to many of our problems are right before us--we just cannot see all the possibilities. No wonder so many of us sometimes feel stuck. Then, to top it off, I am besieged by a self righteous inner voice scolding and persuading me to believe that I am not as competent/talented/interesting/(fill in your adjective) as I appear to be; that I should cease and desist on any endeavor, not make a fool of myself, play it safe. I accept that perhaps such a voice was/is a survival instinct: stay quiet or get eaten!

It is somewhat consoling that “imposter syndrome” runs rampant in our high achieving society (or so I’ve read)—at least I am not the only one. More consoling, however, is the natural world that ebbs and flows. The new moon grows into the full moon and after a few of those it is once again the equinox. It is easy to fall into a funk, but after many periods of wallowing and random remedies throughout the years, I have realized that all I have to do is look up at the sky, take a different perspective, and continue. That self righteous voice rambles on. I thank it for its efforts to keep me safe from hungry predators, and since it won't really go away, I (try to) keep it on mute. I also know that like the moon, whatever is happening will change and change again. Tonight I will bask in the glow of the full moon--despite the clouds. I know it is there even if I can't see it. I recommend it!