October moon

Harvest moon. Moon Festival. These are events that yearly mark moments in our lives and become part of who we are. There is a certain comfort to these celebrations, but there is also the risk of stagnation and of getting stuck in the tired and rigid ways of doing things. You may even get stuck in becoming HOW you THINK  you’re supposed to be because you were told that WAS the way to be. It may be a cliché, but the only way to spark positive change (in yourself and the world) is to uncover the YOU that is meant to be. There’s no-one else like you. Give us the pleasure of knowing you.

In my effort to be my authentic self in this world of commerce, I print my unique designs on products that are sustainably sourced and fair trade. My conscience does not let me do otherwise. October also happens to be Fair Trade Month. This worldwide celebration honors fair trade farmers and artisans who grow and create the fair trade products we enjoy. Check out the Suppliers page on this site and follow their missions. We are all in this together.