Moss and me

Today I found myself talking to the kokedama I was making. Last year I had no idea what these were, but I challenged myself to make living ornaments for Revelry Boutique’s annual ornament show. I started playing with moss and, after a surprisingly short search on the web, I found kokedama—Japanese moss balls. Mind you, I thought I had invented this (eye roll), but it turns out the Japanese have been making these as an alternative to cultivating the more costly bonsai. Knowing that the idea has been in existence for centuries did not deter me from my plan. 

I LOVE moss, and this project had me jumping up and down! As you may recall, it had been a difficult year. (For some it still is.)  Playing with the moss and the tiny plants was therapeutic. Yes, I talk to my plants. It’s a win-win really. I give them a little carbon dioxide and they give me oxygen AND I get to admire their beauty which then becomes a meditation.

This year I am constructing more kokedama to sell at a pop up shop taking place at Logan Street Market as part of the Flea off Market. I’ll be there on November 27th, (Shop small Saturday) 10:00am-5:00pm. Come see them for yourself! They’re not listed for sale in my online shop, but do not hesitate to holler if you’re interested in purchasing one or would like tips on making your own.