Happy mid-December

As an artist, I appreciate the opportunity to notice things; to see differently, and sense unseen possibilities. What is there that I cannot see? I see light and colors and feel heat and chill and all these provoke or touch a nerve, and the mind will be off chasing the essence of the thing. It’s not monkey brain so much as digging for meaning to where the treasure lies. The treasure is Truth, yours and mine. Then we must work to bring it up to the surface so that we can live it out. Something happens in the process, however, and it no longer looks the same. Like a dream quickly dissipating after waking. It’s lost in translation/transition. The dark days of mid-December is the ideal time to delve and dive; to mine our truth.

For the journey I equip myself with reminders of light and life. I wear my flowers and you can too! I print original designs on fair trade tee shirts, tea towels, totes, and onesies, and make designs upon request. Find them on my shop page and Instagram posts where I trot out the newest!

The darkness possesses its inherent loveliness. It is difficult to see, so we will have to feel our way through to Essence. You will know you’ve found it when you get there!