Feed your fire

The harvest moon has come and gone and the marketing gurus are urging small business folks like me to gird our loins for the holidays. I embrace the familial gatherings and childlike exuberance one feels this time of year, but there is a verb in Spanish for which there is no English equivalent. Empalagar. It is used when a food or person is too sweet and is no longer agreeable or pleasant. The holidays sometimes do that to me. 

I must confess I actually have an aversion to marketing and self-promotion, but as the face of my business and its sole employee I feel I must make the effort. My hermit tendencies yearn to be working quietly unseen in the background. I want to keep making, but in order to do that I have to sell what I make. The making keeps me sane, but the selling makes me insane. Sometimes I disengage and question the existence of everything. 

Not surprisingly I’ve been experiencing a slump: my day job got busy and I neglected to feed the “making” fire. Fortunately it did not go completely cold: I re-engaged with card making. This is how I originally started with pressed flowers, and continues to be for me most satisfying. 

In fact, I’ve been bandying about the idea of a monthly subscription service: Every month I send subscribers 5 cards for $20. (One could unsubscribe at any time;-)) Obviously details have not yet been worked out, but let me know if you’d be interested, OR if you think it’s a losing proposition. I enjoy hearing for you!