Día de los Muertos/Calavera with and without mask

The Meso American annual celebration of the Day of the Dead is a gift to the world.  It is bold in recognizing death, laughing and joking in its skeletal face.  It is based on the deep worldview of people of the land who know that decay and death are made of the very same cloth as growth and life.  Seeing death and life in the veins of green or dried leaves conjures up these truths.  Attention to the smallest detail of myriad forms of living beings embraces the complex mystery we humans enjoy on this Earth.  Everyday I attempt to examine these details, and spotlight the illusory and the ephemeral.

The designs I create are my efforts to affirm life in the midst of looming uncertainties, and in the face of the this transitory existence we enjoy. Examine and relax into the arms of Nature by way of my designs here, or request a personalized item.

Remember: Enchanting colors and details are the simplest and greatest of pleasures, and we were born to partake of this infinite gift.